"Water is the next big thing"

Sustainable Transformation


DrugLijn and Stichting tegen Kanker are collaborating in ‘Tournée Minérale’ and are calling on everyone to join. To encourage the initiative no alcohol will be served at AMS-activities in February. Moreover, we encourage you to join the challenge. For every AMS- employee, student or alumnus who registers using an AMS-account, AMS will donate 10 euro to cancer research. #TourneeMinerale

Everyone who does not only drink less alcohol this month, but also drinks more water, will benefit their body even more: 

  • Sleep better
  • Be more energetic
  • Let your skin glow 
  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • No hangover, more time 


Water sommelier

Our Alumnus and certified water sommelier Nils Segers is an outstanding ambassador for experiencing the advantages of water this month. By drinking a lot of water himself, he discovered its many advantages. “I see water as an experience and it is my mission to inspire people to fully accept themselves and enjoy life. Up until I was about eighteen I used to drink a lot of soda and even my dentist encouraged me to stop.

In college I drank a lot of water but I was still drinking alcohol. From the moment I started my professional career, however, I felt less and less inclined to do so and felt more of an urge to really be myself.” Obviously it turned out rather well for him. “It gave me so much energy. I started working out intensively. Currently, I’m participating in triathlons and training 15 hours a week. I had lost that passion because of candy and alcohol. It weighs you down. Now, I feel like a kid again.”

It’s contagious to see the passionate and sincere way in which Nils shares his story. “I want to help people experience how diverse water can be and try to make them drink it again. I want to raise people’s awareness and if I can actually hand them a variety of options that makes it all the more interesting. On the one hand, I want to give people a lot of tips and on the other hand, I also want them to be able to taste it for themselves.” People around Nils told him to put his passion for water to good use. “When the first international program to become a water sommelier in English was established in Germany, I decided to enroll. It was purely out of interest, really. Back home I started sharing the things I learned with my environment, and all of a sudden I noticed that many people had very concrete questions. After all, water is such a natural thing to most people. At birth, your body already consists of 80% water.”

Water and water

Water3.jpgOn his blog he writes that “because water is color- and odorless, people often believe there’s no variation in water while in fact the opposite is true.” So how does that work precisely? “There are three minerals: sodium (salt), calcium (drought), and magnesium (bitter). A fourth type is water low in minerals, such as Spa. This results in a different taste. Furthermore, there is also a marked difference between industrial and natural carbonic acid.

We are at a point where those 5 options can be combined in various ways. Water which is very low in minerals is diuretic and detoxifying. Water with high levels of calcium and magnesium improves blood circulation, relaxes and is beneficial for athletes. It is also great during the summer or when recovering from an illness, as it restores fluid balance. When you are thirsty, you should opt for a lightly carbonated water and someone who suffers from lactose intolerance can benefit a lot from calcium water.”

So, water is great, but mineral water simply cannot be compared to tap water. “Of course we should be grateful for our tap water. The filtered surface water in our country is perfect for consumption but the advantages of natural mineral water are far more substantial. Tap water still contains a certain level of residual substances and has a slightly different composition. As such, you are never entirely sure what you are drinking. Tap water as a thirst quencher is very unvaried and leaves you unsatisfied. Alternating between various kinds of water keeps it interesting and gives you the chance to notice taste differences. It also kind of bothers me that we use that very same water to shower and flush our toilets. Nowadays, supermarkets have a far broader range than they used to. Still I would like to see even more foreign mineral waters on our shop shelves."

Nils wants to reify the credo “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. “I just want to be clear-minded and focused all of the time. Of course I work out a lot and eat healthily. With a balanced body, you are more apt to notice health problems and give them the attention they deserve. I think the popularity of mineral water is going to increase exponentially. I hope I can make a difference. I want to contribute to positivism, so people are there for each other when it really matters. I want to do this by using every available media channel and events to make people aware of the benefits of drinking water. I hope that by the end of 2017, I can devote myself to this cause full-time. Water is going to be incredibly fashionable, just like coffee had its revival a few years ago. Water is the next big thing.”

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