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Sarah Desmet
Expertise Research

December 23, 2021

By Sarah Desmet

Seducing employees back into the office building

Real Estate

What happens when you bring a real estate developer, public official, academic, technology professional and well-being expert together to discuss social value in real estate? It may be surprising to know they are on the same page: creating a workspace where needs are fulfilled that cannot


April 26, 2021

By Sarah Desmet

The future of work: the impact of digitization and automation

Human Resources

The World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs will disappear worldwide by 2025 because of automation. On the other hand, 97 million new jobs will be created, often requiring different skills. Belgium and Luxembourg are even in the world’s Top 10 automated countries. As an


March 18, 2021

By Sarah Desmet

How hybrid will we be working tomorrow?

Real Estate Human Resources

Working from home seems to be here to stay: a growing number of companies are closing down their offices, allowing their employees to work from home. A hybrid office environment, combining working from home and at the office, is best designed based on the needs of the user.

March 20, 2020

By Sarah Desmet

6 tips to facilitate your employees working from home during the coronavirus outbreak

Human Resources COVID-19

The spread of the coronavirus is a major concern for many organizations. Working from home has become the new normal, but research shows that only 23 percent of the Flemish people have ever worked from home. The coronavirus study of the University of Antwerp shows that 10 percent could