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AMS’s Executive PhD program: unique in Belgium and international trump card

by Antwerp Management School on Sep 11, 2017 in: Corporate

Even experienced executives with years in the field can face challenges with which they are unfamiliar. Sometimes this is because not all answers can be found in practice, and further research...

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Rethinking governance approaches for digital transformation in incumbent organizations

by Steven De Haes on Sep 8, 2017 in: Digital Business & IT

Digital transformation is high on many organizations’ agenda. While a lot of start-ups and entrepreneurs use digital technology very successfully for growth and innovation (eg, new greenfield...

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Blended learning: from learning objective to optimal learning method

Are you familiar with blended learning, the buzzword of modern education? A term that sounds so cool but vague at the same time that many people wrongly associate it with new technologies or...

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“Nomadic professionals, make your choices meaningful”

Opening minds. Touching souls. Energizing business. That’s what Antwerp Management School stands for. As a business school, energizing business is, of course, a goal. Opening minds is also...

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How an Executive PhD can help you to become a ‘knowledge leader’

by Hugo Marynissen on Sep 4, 2017 in: Corporate

Making a distinction between an Executive PhD and a “traditional” PhD is tricky. In both cases, students go through the process of acquiring sound research skills, they undertake rigorous...

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What really makes a dream job?

Recently, 80,000 Hours reviewed 60 studies about job satisfaction. They discovered that there are three components that contribute less to satisfaction with a job than previously thought. We have...

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Future of Work: a unique experience!

As a junior researcher with the Next Generation Work expertise center, I was able to take part in the first Future of Work program. During this six-day program, HR professionals and people...

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