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Align business and IT and become a hero

5 reasons why IT experts should start an executive IT-master now

Why should you start an executive master program and stimulate your career when budgets are still limited? In five short reasons, I...

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“Too bad I didn't do it twenty years earlier”

It is never too late to learn something new. Thierry De Vos (59) is a perfect example of that. In 2017, the business manager of Spiers Slaap decided to enroll in the guidance program Road to Growth

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Why family businesses should consider working together with startups

by Vincent Molly on Jul 31, 2018 in: , Business Design & Innovation

Startups are everywhere. In this era of fast-paced change, new technologies and disruption, there is plenty of opportunity to let entrepreneurship thrive. Evidence can be found in the many...

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How Big Data Transforms Service Management and Stimulates Opportunities for Service Research

Guest column Research
by Dominik Mahr and Martin Wetzels on Jun 28, 2018 in: , Business Design & Innovation

The Big Data gold rush transcends business categories. Global spending on Big Data has exploded to reach $125 billion in 2015[1], making it a major game changer across virtually all industries [2]

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A Vision, Mission and Working Plan towards Responsible Management Education

by Eva Geluk on Jun 19, 2018 in: Sustainable Transformation

Recently the France Benelux PRME Chapter met for the second time in Marseille, France as part of a larger conference hosted by Kedge Business School called Global Responsibility Now. The...

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Actualia Pensions: "Don't depend on whimsical political decisions or an uncertain pension system"


Finclub is the recently founded alumni association of the Master in Personal Financial Planning (MPFP). The association’s goal is to strengthen the bonds between AMS alumni, especially those of...

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"The worldwide efforts in sustainability and CSR of the past twenty years have failed"

Expertise Interview

At the end of 2017, Antwerp Management School  appointed Dr. Wayne Visser as holder of the Chair in Sustainable Transformation. AMS thus enforces its long-term commitment to involving current...

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