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How we made the world’s first 3-D printed sunglasses from plastic waste

w.r.yuma is the first company in the world to use recycled plastics to 3-D print eyewear. The sunglasses are made from locally recycled car dashboards, PET bottles and fridges. The sunglasses are...

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'Mobility of the future': 3 mobility trends and 4 million euros

by Nils Wuytens and Nicole Van Doninck on Mar 12, 2018 in: Smart Mobility

Mobility is booming business. While we literally see the traffic jams growing in front of us – with all the consequences – we seem to be heading towards the momentum for a big change, now more...

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War for Talent 2.0: Are we fighting for the best robot, or the best manager?

by Antwerp Management School on Mar 8, 2018 in: Leadership

Most managers wouldn’t spontaneously call themselves ‘middle management’, if only to avoid being associated with the ‘middle’ or the ‘mean’, and the reputation of being unnecessary middle men....

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The Importance of Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The Case of Digital Health

When we look at the world in a past or present tense, many of the qualities of life or things we take for granted have been introduced to us through entrepreneurs who carry a passion to turn an...

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“Road to Growth gave us the confidence we needed”

Yannick (now 22) and Eline (now 20) Jaspers took over the company Percon in the summer of 2015. Leasing, selling and restoring trailers: they go about it with a lot of passion. Still, it became...

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Entrepreneurship in exponentially changing times

On February 8, Antwerp Management School, POM West-Flanders and TUA West organized Disruptival – The Conference. A conference, about disruption. Crystal clear. Or perhaps not entirely. Disruption...

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2018 will be all about transformation

by Antwerp Management School on Feb 15, 2018 in: Corporate

Both nationally and internationally, 2017 was a year of investments for AMS. Although the volume of sales was slightly lower than last year, more important projects for the coming year were...

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