Now I know what a company's numbers tell me


Christophe Piette is an expert in corporate law and thus meets up with companies almost every day. In his job, it comes in particularly handy if you are not only familiar with corporate law, but if you also know how a company works from an economic point of view. The Master Class Business Economics for Non-Economists (BENE) gave him a practical framework with which he can now help his clients even better.

Christophe Piette: "I am a lawyer specializing in corporate law. Which means that I come across a lot of companies. The legal and the economic aspects often come together in my clients’ cases. Now, I can perfectly look at cases through a legal lens, but I have no economic background whatsoever. And yet, the ability to look at things through a twofold lens is highly relevant for my job. Let’s say, for instance, that a solution works out well from a legal perspective, but is it economically feasible? Or the other way round: is a viable economic case also well-founded legally? So, to support my clients even better, I went in search of a training program that could give me some insight into business economics."


"You get a very well-structured insight into business operations"

"I did some research and eventually decided to register for the BENE Master Class at AMS. I had no ambition to become an economic expert. I was just looking for a practical framework. In that way, the Master Class matched my expectations perfectly. The added value lies not so much in one specific module, but in the overall package that you get. The Master Class gives you a very well-structured insight into business operations: What is a company made of? What can the figures tell you about a company?”

"Also, you are not just presented with one grand theory after the other. In each class, you get to discuss concrete business cases. And at the end, you need to work in groups, building a larger business case, to get your certificate. So, this Master Class is definitely not about sitting in an auditorium, listening to a lecturer. The theory is immediately put into practice. That makes it all very tangible and really boosts learning. Going to school for another four hours after a long day at work can be quite challenging, but this Master Class doesn’t feel like a challenge at all, on the contrary.”

"Teach the same course to a group of 20 lawyers and you will get a completely different dynamic"

"Another plus is that the Master Class is limited to a small group of participants. You work together on a lot of assignments, so you get to know each other pretty well. All participants come from very different backgrounds. Next to myself as a lawyer, there was also for example a veterinarian, an architect and an engineer in our class. It is fascinating to see how everyone looks at an issue or situation from his or her own background. Teach the same course to a group of twenty lawyers and you will get a completely different discussion and dynamic."

"The lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere. You work together on concrete cases, you can have a little chat during the break, and the faculty are there to support you. And I must say, the faculty really go the extra mile for their students. For instance, I had to miss out on a particular session because I was abroad. The following week, the professors just came an hour early to go through the previous session and I really appreciated that. They want to give you the best learning experience possible, which is highly motivating."

"It is presented in such a dynamic way that it is simply a joy to attend classes"

"Thanks to the Master Class I now know how a business works. When I am consulting with my clients, I can now look at things through both a legal and an economic lens, and this double perspective has proven to be very useful for both my clients and me. The Master Class has also triggered me. I still don’t have the ambition to become the next big economic expert, but I would like to know more about a number of topics. So, I would definitely recommend this Master Class. You get practical and useful content, and it is presented in such a dynamic way that it is simply a joy to attend classes.”

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