‘Guanxi’, or how to get into the Chinese inner circle

China is no longer the country of mass production; they are looking for added value. The One Belt One Road Dialogues anticipate that change can bring Europe and China together to work on building...

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AMS and China: a history that’s writing the future

When you set up a business strategy to trade with Chinese partners, you will often hit a wall. Good intentions on both sides can get lost in translation, which can lead the initiator to feel...

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‘Act like a leader and sit in the front row’: insights from the Leadership Masterclass

by Antwerp Management School on Jun 20, 2017 in: Leadership

On a warm Thursday morning June 15th, Timothy Vermeir from HR Square welcomed us to our Leadership Masterclass in Brussels. We were led to ‘the Red Room’, deep in the bowels of BNP Paribas...

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Office on Wheels: the office bus that converts commuting time into working time

by Antwerp Management School on Jun 12, 2017 in: Smart Mobility

What if you could turn your travel time into work time? Well, that is exactly what the Office Bus does: it is a service that transports office workers from home to work in a bus which doubles as...

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Alumni Stories – PART EIGHTEEN: The DNA of innovative entrepreneurs

Selling selfie sticks alongside your day job? It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds. Miguel Michiels and Ifran Qureshi (both aged 29) followed the Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program...

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How do you involve doctors in healthcare policy changes?

by Antwerp Management School on May 22, 2017 in: Leadership

Antwerp Management School offers healthcare as one of its leadership specializations. Hospitals face many challenges and changes, so there is an urgent need for leaders who can bridge the gap...

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Alumni Stories, PART SEVENTEEN: “This master guides you to an international career"

Following an international masters program certainly pays off in the current international business environment. Steven Bell and Nadine Niknafs, alumni of the Master China Europe Business, know...

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