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Everyone is ready for the mobility budget

by Antwerp Management School on Feb 20, 2017 in: Smart Mobility

For years, Belgium has held the record of the number of traffic jams. A record that we keep breaking and which begins leaving us with an unbearable hangover. Especially for our companies, mobility...

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Traffic jams are a sticky issue for Flemish companies

A smart transport policy could turn the tide

More and more companies are experiencing the near-daily nuisance of traffic jams on our Flemish roads. Employees can no longer guarantee getting to...

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One belt, one road: The New Silk Road

Europe has grown because of the trade with the United States. A trade which was strongly sea-centered. Now, the center of trade has moved to China: a 180° turnaround. When goods from China come by...

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Traffic-free shopping: it's possible!

The rush hours on our roads have slowly become commonplace, especially in relation to the commute between work and home. What we do not realize (yet) is that the same phenomenon exists within...

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Physical Internet: a possible solution for logistical problems

by Alex Van Breedam on Dec 1, 2016 in: Smart Mobility

The mobility sector is constantly evolving. Multiple factors play a role in deforming or reshaping traditional transport. Transport is constantly changing to adapt to the modern living...

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82% less car rides due to flexible working

Not enough Flemish people make use of the growing possibilities of working independently of time and location (TPOW). Flexible working can nevertheless contribute significantly to the reduction of...

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