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Interview Testimonial

June 7, 2021

By Antwerp Management School

From providing care to learning how to organize and change care

Strategy & Innovation Leadership

Steven Pans is a medical staff member of Radiology at UZ Leuven. He specializes in musculoskeletal radiology and performs medical interventions practically on a daily basis. Although he still gets great satisfaction from his job, he is more and more interested in organizing care instead


April 21, 2021

By Jan Beyne

Which scenario to choose for 2050: weak versus strong sustainable transformation?

Sustainable Transformation Strategy & Innovation

Given the times we live in, the choice between weak versus strong sustainable transformation is no longer a choice, really. But sustainable transformation is a complex change process, and to date, few organizations manage to achieve true sustainable transformation. So what are the

March 3, 2021

By Hans Mulder

7 tips for setting up and running micro projects from an online environment

Strategy & Innovation

COVID-19 forces companies and organizations to implement all kinds of changes at breakneck speed. There is little or no room for 'side projects'. Focus is key! All kinds of projects are being postponed or canceled. After all, now that everyone has to work from home, we hardly have a


January 22, 2021

By Joke Eeckhout

The EMBA Positive Impact Project - Once in a lifetime opportunity

Students & Alumni Strategy & Innovation

An Executive MBA in the city where I spent most of my youth; the city where I became an adult; the city where I was once an undergraduate student - Antwerp. It was without doubt that I would choose AMS to do my MBA. The high rankings and excellent references sealed my choice. 

December 11, 2020

By Antwerp Management School

Developing leadership competencies through neurotraining

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation Leadership

What happens in the brains of successful and less successful leaders? Steven Poelmans, professor of neuroscience & strategic leadership, measures their brain activity and combines the results with feedback from observers in real-life and emotionally challenging business situations.

October 26, 2020

By Antwerp Management School

“The Master Class business Strategy & Leadership takes you to the next level”

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

Filip Roelandt is Director Business Development at the Syntra West Group. In pre-coronavirus times, his organization was strategically preparing itself for the next wave of digitization. He himself was also ready to take the next strategic step in his personal growth journey. The Master

September 28, 2020

By Antwerp Management School

Leadership from neuroscience: a real eye-opener

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

Inge Van Goubergen is Director Key Accounts at Randstad. Her clients come from varying industries and are looking for equally varying solutions. They all have one thing in common, though: their organizations are complex. The Master Class Business Strategy & Leadership proved to be a

September 22, 2020

By Yassin Boullauazan, Consilit - Smart Port Research Partner

Essential tips to survive the stock market storm during the coronavirus crisis

Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy & Innovation

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions from colleagues, friends, and family about the impact of COVID-19 on the financial markets. I hope to address these questions in this article.

Opinion Column

June 29, 2020

By Ron Meyer

Meyer’s Management Models - episode 13: Strategy Development Cycle

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

Which steps do we need to go through to develop an effective strategy? A strategy is a course of action followed by an organization to realize its purpose. In contrast to common use, strategy is not what an organization intends to do (its plan of action), but what it actually does (its

June 22, 2020

By Antwerp Management School

"Strategy, digital transformation and leadership: all pieces now fit."

Digital & IT Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

Sofie testifies about her participation in the Master Class Business Strategy: A unique combination of science, individual coaching, in-depth insights and practice Sofie Brys has been working at KBC Bank & Insurance for many years now, and she has had plenty of opportunities for

Opinion Column

June 8, 2020

By Ron Meyer

Meyer’s Management Models - episode 12: Rising Star Framework

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

Which moral dangers do I face while moving up the hierarchy? A rising star is a person of above average talent who quickly makes career steps within or across organizations, filling positions of increasingly important responsibility. With this rapid move up the hierarchy comes more power,

Opinion Column

April 30, 2020

By Ron Meyer

Meyer’s Management Models - episode 11: Control Panel

Human Resources Strategy & Innovation

How can I control what people in my organization do?   To be in control is to have the ability to steer the organization in any desired direction. The controls are the specific mechanisms used to do the steering. Some controls are formally assigned to certain people (hard controls), while