WHY AMS is the perfect way to bridge the gap from your legal bubble to the business world

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Rutger Blog-2Rutger studied a master’s in law. After graduating, he considered different options, he got in touch with Antwerp Management School and registered for the Master in Global Management. According to him students with a degree in law don’t really know that a management program can be a big plus for them in their future career. He wrote this blog to convince them. He gives six reasons why he chose for AMS and how AMS can open your minds.

Are you currently studying a master’s in law and looking to expand your future opportunities? Are you interested in an extremely instructive year in an international environment? Or are you not too sure yet what you want to do after you graduate? In both cases a post-master’s program at Antwerp Management School (AMS) may be just the thing for you! Read below why I believe a year at a business school can be the perfect way to bridge the gap from your legal bubble to the business world.

Reason #1: Future opportunities

I chose AMS because a master’s degree in law combined with a management training not only enables you to take on legal jobs, but also opens the door to many jobs the business world has to offer: traineeships, banking, consulting, audit, … Evidence of this can be found in the positions held by AMS alumni with a legal background. An overview of these jobs can be requested from AMS. That is also what I did a year ago. 

In addition, a post-master’s in management ensures you get multidisciplinary training, which is a serious asset for any company. And if you ever want to change jobs, you already have the ideal background.

For those who do have legal ambitions, even the most prestigious law firms appreciate an additional year at a business school.


Reason #2: Antwerp Management School

For me Antwerp Management School is a unique business school for a variety of reasons. Firstly, because AMS focuses on personal development and learning instead of (merely) on competition between students. I saw this reflected in the pleasant atmosphere and the team spirit between students.  The school is located in a beautiful building that is perfectly equipped for the needs of its visitors. In addition, AMS gives students the opportunity to participate in several events that are organized throughout the year by large companies. And finally, I compared the registration fee at AMS to other business schools in Europe and I can conclude that AMS offers its different programs at very competitive rates.

Reason #3: International experience

If you ever studied abroad on an Erasmus scholarship, you know that international experiences can have a positive influence. At AMS, students from different countries get together, which gives the school a very international vibe and creates a cultural melting pot. I have always said that if I had the chance, I would go on an Erasmus program again. At AMS, I was given that chance.

Reason #4: Personal development: Global Leadership Skills

The AMS slogan is “Opening minds to impact the world”. In my opinion the school absolutely lives up to that, by investing an exceptional amount of time in the development of its students from day 1, by organizing special sessions, lectures and excursions. The focus is always on feedback, leadership and sustainability.

Reason #5: Program tailored to your needs

AMS currently offers 8 full-time programs for recent graduates. While the programs on offer constantly evolve, there is always ample choice to pick exactly the program that specifically fits you and your future plans. Personally, I hesitated between the Master in Management and the Master in Global Management, because both programs provide an excellent general basis for the business world.

Reason #6: Fun

Last but not least: a year at AMS is simply a lot of fun. The lively atmosphere, the interesting subjects, the team spirit and being pampered as a student: every day brings new surprises and every day feels like a party.



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