Recent Posts : Corporate Social Responsability

A structured CSR policy in 7 steps

In 2017 it is vital that companies be sustainable. Sustainability is not just about company car emissions, but the whole production process and business strategy. Corporate Social Responsibility...

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Executive MBA students turn the page in Nungwi with their Community Project

For many of us - indeed perhaps most of us at this school -  education is something that is easily taken for granted. However, in many places around the world this is not yet the case and that is...

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Sustainable change that works

Recently, the consultancy firm Bain & Company published their report Achieving breakthrough results in sustainability. One mind-boggling fact in the report is that the percentage of successful ...

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Sustainability reporting: quo vadis?

That reporting on finance only provides a restricted image of what goes on within companies is doubted by few. Non-financial information is consequently getting increasingly important when...

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"Water is the next big thing"

DrugLijn and Stichting tegen Kanker are collaborating in ‘Tournée Minérale’ and are calling on everyone to join. To encourage the initiative no alcohol will be served at AMS-activities in...

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Patagonia case study: long-term values over short-term gains

Patagonia's Mission Statement: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

When asked for an inspirational,...

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8 books for beneath the Christmas tree

In this blog post our thought leaders’ favorite books are featured. They all have written about a book they think other people should read. The works mentioned are divergent: from works of poetry...

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