Fifth AMS Dean's Club focused on lifelong learning


Is lifelong learning already embedded in your organization and culture? The Dean's Club brings together business and education leaders twice a year to discuss socially relevant topics. The fifth Dean's Club focused on lifelong learning. 

In a world of rapid knowledge development, they understand that our path to knowledge is never truly completed. The dialogue emphasized the importance of lifelong learning in, among other things, promoting innovation, adaptability, flexibility, and sustainable growth for both organizations and individuals. Dean Steven De Haes acknowledges this importance in his audio fragment (in Dutch). 


How can companies attract and retain talent even more effectively? Bart Steukers, CEO of Agoria, emphasized during the Dean's Club the importance of targeted investments in training.

Unhappy at work? Avoiding unhappy work can sometimes feel like an impossible task, often leading to burnouts. It seems like change is out of reach. During the Dean's Club, Koen Van Raemdonck, Vice HR Director at BASF, shared his plea for more proactivity during a discussion about lifelong learning.

The workplace as the largest school in Flanders? Marion Vrijens, Chief of Cabinet of the Flemish Minister of Economy & Labor, advocates for a culture of lifelong learning, starting in education, where not only knowledge but also a culture of learning is encouraged.

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