Disruptival The Experience: a retrospective

Strategy & Innovation

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On Thursday, August 31, Disruptival The Experience was held for the very first time. Participants and knowledge partners alike were full of praise for what was a successful day of new experiences and look forward to 2018’s edition – as it is already certain that there will be another one next year.

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The aim was to get participants and companies acquainted with disruptive technologies and cognitive styles that are already capable of being applied today. We wanted to provide inspiration for companies and, more specifically, to find out which applications were already feasible for them. On the other side, it was also the ideal opportunity for knowledge centers and West Flemish educational institutions to present their research and their developments to a large audience and to initiate collaborations. 

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It was a roaring success. Every 15 minutes, participants were presented with a new experience: They tasted mealworms, they tried on VR glasses, they learned about the uses of a HoloLens, they learned what a hyperspectral camera could show, they could program a social robot or control a drone. At times, you could practically feel the knowledge being transferred! Everyone was enthusiastic and for many it was a string of amazements. And the knowledge partners enjoyed the participants’ focused questions and eagerness to learn.

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The location undoubtedly contributed to the overall experience. For this first edition, we were guests of the Flemish Aviation Training Center in Ostend, where airplanes, propellers and other machinery were the perfect backdrop for Disruptival The Experience. So it was an interesting afternoon organized by and for West Flanders.

Some examples of what we learned:

  • Blockchain suddenly became much clearer and several companies will certainly use them;
  • The added value of interactive textiles was noted, and our producing companies will use them more;
  • Flax composites – products that show the DNA of a province – sparked a lot of interest;
  • Soon, we will certainly find more projects using VR, mixed realities, hyperspectral cameras and HoloLenses.

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In short: Participants and companies clearly saw opportunities to add value to their production processes or their products by applying the exponential technologies already available. The Exponential Academy team looks back positively on the first Disruptival experience day. Next year’s location has already been spotted and preliminary plans are under way.

But first, Disruptival The Conference. On November 15, 2017, we will take you with us in a conference on disruptive business models and new cognitive styles, which will allow you to start working in a future-oriented way. Because although you may not be able to prevent exponential changes from happening, you are capable of focusing on the opportunities that ensue. And those certainly are numerous!

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