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We are a group of 3 friends: Xavier, Kristof and myself: Philippe, who met during the eMBA program. After we did our thesis about starting a children's beverage brand, we decided to really start up the idea.

With our little monsters Felix, Basile, Maya and Semm we started developing a tasty, fun and healthy drink called WaWaah Water!


WaWaah? Yep, the name came from a friend’s brother who could never pronounce “water” when he was little. Instead he said “Wawaah”. It is a refreshing, hydrating drink in two flavour: apple and strawberry. It contains extra vitamins that children of that age need. But above all, no sugar, no calories and no preservatives!

The monster characters make it fun for the kids to drink and encourages them to go on an adventure.

Our children chose the taste, the logo and the characters based on ... well what they found the coolest and nicest! And it was also a hit on Felix's birthday party ;)

Why choose WaWaah Water? Our 3 pillars:

wahwaah verpakking 2

1. The whole idea is to encourage children to go on an adventure, to play more outdoors and to hydrate enough.

2. In addition, we will continue to grow the WaWaah Foundation for each bottle sold. With this we want to support organizations that are committed to making the lives of sick children a little more pleasant and better. To help them to be a child again.

3. The third pillar of our brand is that we try to package all of this in the most ecological way possible. That means no plastic bottles, no mini format, ... 100% of the plastic used is linked to plant-based renewable materials, 82% FSC certified cardboard and aluminum that is ASI certified.

These pillars correspond well with the mission of Antwerp Management School, as you can read here.

We are currently running a crowdfunding promotion which already accounts for 72% of the amount to be collected.

But we still need your help to reach 100% !

These are such exciting times, but at the same time we get a lot of energy from this. And a large part is due to you!

We are almost at 100% of our goal so keep sharing 😁! SHARING IS CARING :-)


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