Albert from the AMS career center has an action plan to support students to find the right job

Not yet graduated and already overwhelmed with job offers? No wonder, AMS graduates are in high demand on the (inter)national labor market. But how to decide between all those job offers? Should you go for the most meaningful job, the highest-paying one, or the one with the best opportunities for growth? And what if your dream employer is nót among the job offers? Don't panic. Albert Segura Mollà, the brand new Career Services Manager, has developed a massive action plan to make sure you are making all the right choices.

Albert blogpost

Who better than a recent AMS graduate with a degree in HR Management to take the lead of the AMS Career Center? Albert Segura Mollà knows what choice overload feels like, he knows what AMS stands for, and he knows all about the latest trends in HR. He also knows that the AMS Career Center has to change along with the constantly changing labor market in order to keep supporting students in finding the right job: "Because of the pandemic, the future of work has arrived a lot faster than anticipated. Hybrid working, applying for a job online, non-linear career paths: these evolutions offer a wealth of opportunities, but they can also become a barrier.”

Finding your way around all those opportunities is a job in itself

After all, having so many choices makes it even harder to make the right one and can really stress students out: "Every day, new types of jobs are being created. Every day, there is an ever-growing number of hiring platforms worldwide. Finding your way around all this is a job in itself. Apart from getting a meaningful job, young people also want a healthy work-life balance. Here too, it’s not always easy to make the right choices. And on top of that, our AMS students are especially sought after in the war for talent and have the luxury of choosing between a great variety of actual job offers."

A professional looking resume or a well-written job application letter are not enough anymore

It may be tempting then to take the easy way out and accept the first interesting offer that comes your way, but Albert is a firm advocate of switching out of autopilot and making deliberate decisions. With the AMS Career Center too, he has no intention of simply doing more of the same: "The labor market is constantly changing, so if we want to keep supporting our students as best we can, we need to change too and innovate our service offerings. For instance, a professional looking resume or a well-written job application letter are not enough anymore. That’s why we will also be teaching our students how to develop portfolios and provide them with frameworks to showcase their talent and added value."

We encourage students to look beyond typical jobs and employers

Innovation is one thing, but the Career Center’s main driver, of course, are the students: "In everything we do, we always put the students first. 'Opening minds to impact the world' is more than just a baseline. Throughout their studies, AMS provides the students with eye-opening insights and leadership skills. And it is up to the Career Center to make sure that afterward, students find their way to jobs in which they can really start impacting the world. We do that by 'opening their minds' as well: we open up new horizons and encourage students to look beyond typical jobs and employers."

This all sounds great in theory, but it doesn't stop there. Albert has developed a massive action plan that will be rolled out from 2021-2022 onward, a red carpet as it were, for students on their way to the labor market: "We are focusing on three pillars. With the Career Skills Lab, we move away from traditional career guidance and provide students with the tools and skills to remain employable in a changing world. Thanks to 'value validation projects', for example, they learn how to showcase their potential to future employers."

Students get to meet & greet with innovators and change makers

"In addition to our Career Skills Lab, we continue to build our substantial and sustainable network. We focus on purpose-driven headhunting firms, NGOs but also sustainable corporates, the public sector, game-changing startups, and so on. We give students plenty of opportunities to 'log into’ this network. Not only through typical career fairs but also through career inspiration sessions such as Career Heroes, where students can meet & greet with innovators and change makers to broaden their career perspectives. And, as a third pillar, we make sure that, careerwise, students get the most out of the Global Leadership Skills track they all have to follow. During this GLS track, students will find out which career paths suit them best.

Helping students make deliberate choices so they can start impacting the world

Albert himself has definitely made the right choices after his studies, that much is clear. As the new Career Services Manager, he is already making a positive impact. If, as a student, you are not yet sure which way to go or if you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the job offers, there’s no need to freak out. The AMS Career Center has got your back and will help you make deliberate choices so you can live up to the AMS baseline: impacting the world.

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