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November 14, 2016

By Guus de Mari

Cyber Security: fact and fiction

Digital & IT

When is security successful? A CIO Forum workshop with 25 CIOs, CISOs and security officers pondered the question in technology education center Technopolis in Mechelen. What are the key success factors to ensure Business Information Security? On October 25, Twenty-five security officers

September 23, 2016

By Steven De Haes

Corporate Governance Codes and Digital Leadership

Digital & IT

Information Technology (IT) is becoming prevalent in organizations all over the globe and can no longer be ignored by the board. Therefore it should make clear sense for organizations to be more transparent regarding IT-related matters. Research results indicate that IT governance-related

April 13, 2016

By Guus de Mari

3 tips for stepping into the Digital Era

Digital & IT

We live in a digital world, we pay with plastic in the store or transfer money through the Internet. We have not payed for vacations and plane tickets in a store for years, we do that online now. The hotel business faces competition from enterprises like AirBnB and offering taxi services