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Report Research

June 27, 2019

By Antwerp Management School

Fire Department Zone Antwerp prepares for the future

Public & Social Profit sector

A year ago, Antwerp Management School and the fire department Zone Antwerp (BZA) embarked on a 4-year research project to better prepare the fire department for the future. What are the first results?


December 4, 2017

By Hans Mulder

Governments become strategically flexible thanks to microprojects

Public & Social Profit sector

The City of Antwerp sets a good example in terms of strategic flexibility. An example that Prof. Hans Mulder likes to mention with pleasure. At the City of Antwerp, he experienced that change is only truly possible if the entire organization is involved in it: employees as well as


November 6, 2017

By Antwerp Management School

“Governments are lacking knowledge about their most important resources”

Public & Social Profit sector

When Eddy Van der Stock was a student in our Master in Public Management two years ago, he noticed that the average participant had rather limited digital knowledge. “Many government organizations experience digitizing as something technical that doesn’t concern them. Naturally, there are

Expertise Research

October 20, 2017

By Antwerp Management School

Impact of new legislation on public contracts

Public & Social Profit sector

On July 14, 2016, the Belgian Official Journal published the new law of June 17, 2016, concerning public contracts (Public Contract Law 2016) and the new law of June 17, 2016, concerning concession contracts (Concession Contract Law 2016). However, the legislation on these contracts


October 3, 2017

By Antwerp Management School

Why public finance urgently needs a place on the agenda

Public & Social Profit sector Strategy & Innovation

For many years, Johan De Cooman has been teaching the financial management module in the Master in Public Management at AMS. With established demand from government organizations and alarming reports in the media, we recognized the need to offer some broader, deeper education in this


September 7, 2017

By Antwerp Management School

Blended learning: from learning objective to optimal learning method

Public & Social Profit sector Corporate

Are you familiar with blended learning, the buzzword of modern education? A term that sounds so cool but vague at the same time that many people wrongly associate it with new technologies or “tree-hugging” lecturers. In reality, however, blended learning is about developing curricula. At


August 28, 2017

By Antwerp Management School

Why public-sector professionals shouldn’t be afraid to delve deeper

Public & Social Profit sector

The public sector is extremely large, employing people in many different functions and organizations. But many of these professionals lack the time to make their work broader and deeper. Often, they realize that they are missing that extra bit of knowledge that would let them take their

Opinion Column

July 3, 2017

By Johan De Cooman

Tighter financial regulations for municipalities should not be an excuse for delaying investments

Public & Social Profit sector

A study conducted by financial institution Belfius shows that Belgium’s municipalities can’t even afford to try and buy votes this year in the run-up to the elections. This comes as a result of tighter budget regulations imposed on municipalities by the Flemish government. Financial


March 24, 2017

By Maarten Noeninckx

Alumni Stories, PART TWELVE: how the mpm boosts your career

Students & Alumni Public & Social Profit sector

Public Management belongs in a category of its own. No one is more aware of this than Maarten Noeninckx, strategic coordinator at the FPS Economy. Between 2013 and 2015 he was enrolled in the AMS Master in Public Management, a degree focused entirely on giving students a meaningful and