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July 31, 2018

By Vincent Molly

Why family businesses should consider working together with startups

Strategy & Innovation

Startups are everywhere. In this era of fast-paced change, new technologies and disruption, there is plenty of opportunity to let entrepreneurship thrive. Evidence can be found in the many companies being launched every day all over the world. Statistics show that in countries like

Expertise Interview

May 17, 2018

By MVO Vlaanderen

The worldwide efforts in sustainability and CSR of the past twenty years have failed

Sustainable Transformation

At the end of 2017, Antwerp Management School  appointed Dr. Wayne Visser as holder of the Chair in Sustainable Transformation. AMS thus enforces its long-term commitment to involving current (business) leaders in the study of sustainability and preparing the leaders of the future for

Expertise Research

April 13, 2018

By Laura Caluwe

In light of digital transformation: the case of the University of Antwerp

Digital & IT

In light of digital transformation, many boards recognize the need for greater involvement in the governance and surveillance of IT. Accordingly, many board members are seeking guidance and advice on how to achieve this type of board-level engagement. Antwerp Management School focuses on

Expertise Interview

March 8, 2018

By Antwerp Management School

War for Talent 2.0: Are we fighting for the best robot, or the best manager?

Human Resources

Most managers wouldn’t spontaneously call themselves ‘middle management’, if only to avoid being associated with the ‘middle’ or the ‘mean’, and the reputation of being unnecessary middle men. And yet, a lot of managers find themselves in this role. Research often shows they’re the ones

Expertise Column

March 6, 2018

By Stephen Seuntjens

The Importance of Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The Case of Digital Health

Strategy & Innovation

When we look at the world in a past or present tense, many of the qualities of life or things we take for granted have been introduced to us through entrepreneurs who carry a passion to turn an innovative idea into a product or service.  In some cases, it solves a problem; in other cases,

Expertise Interview

February 22, 2018

By Antwerp Management School

“Road to Growth gave us the confidence we needed”

Strategy & Innovation

Yannick (now 22) and Eline (now 20) Jaspers took over the company Percon in the summer of 2015. Leasing, selling and restoring trailers: they go about it with a lot of passion. Still, it became clear that gaining the confidence of their clients wasn’t a walk in the park for two

Expertise Interview

February 15, 2018

By Antwerp Management School

2018 will be all about transformation


Both nationally and internationally, 2017 was a year of investments for AMS. Although the volume of sales was slightly lower than last year, more important projects for the coming year were secured than ever before. We discussed the 2018 challenges with dean Paul Matthyssens. “We now have


February 13, 2018

By Andries Reymer

The importance of the "how" and "why" of innovation

Strategy & Innovation

Not so long ago, Nokia had a huge market share in mobile telephony. Today the company focuses primarily on network infrastructure. The 'phone brand' was sold to Microsoft, who in their turn sold it to HMD Global who launched the new Nokia smartphones last year.

Expertise Report

February 12, 2018

By Karen Wouters

Do you know your "switching cost" as a leader?

Human Resources

We’ve gotten rid of our tails, but not our emotions. With that statement Dr. Steven Poelmans, professor at Antwerp Management School and EADA Business School, started the Leadership Lab “inside a leader’s brain”. How come emotions have survived all these years? The limbic system takes

Expertise Interview

February 7, 2018

By Antwerp Management School

How Belgian SMEs can achieve growth ánd innovation

Strategy & Innovation

Omar Mohout is a technological entrepreneur and author who is fascinated by entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and research. With the vast knowledge he built over the years on (developing) startups, he provides them as well as big corporations with advice on their growth potential.


January 31, 2018

By Robin De Cock

3 basic rules to design a great entrepreneurial strategy

Strategy & Innovation

Entrepreneurs face many strategic dilemmas and challenges when they want to turn their idea into a business. For instance, should entrepreneurs storm the castle and just take action or should they first sit down and consciously plan their first strategic moves?


January 24, 2018

By Exponential Academy

Foodpairing: a disruptive vision on the food industry

Strategy & Innovation

From within the project Exponential Academy, Antwerp Management School guides Western-Flemish companies in their evolution to a disruption-proof enterprise, together with POM Western-Flanders and TUA West. One of these companies is Foodpairing®, which is all about innovation. In this