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Opinion column

January 20, 2020

By Ron Meyer

Meyer’s Management Models - episode 7: Competition Tornado

HR & Organizational Development change management

How is competition evolving in my industry and how can I respond to it?   Except in monopolies, firms must compete with rivals to win the favor of potential customers. Firms can outdo others by being cheaper, better and / or different, but none of these competitive advantages are

Opinion column

November 28, 2019

By Antwerp Management School

Meyer’s Management Models - episode 6: Confidence quotient

HR & Organizational Development change management

What determines how much confidence people have in me?   Confidence is the psychological state of feeling sure about something or someone. When people are confident, they feel certain and at ease, which allows them to move more freely and commit themselves to actions or relationships with

Research column

November 26, 2019

By Bieke Struyf

Why radical innovation requires a hot strategy approach

change management

Fear or excitement? Anticipation of change does “something” with humans. It evokes emotion. The implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies is expected to deliver and require change en masse. The type of change that does not only affect one part of the production process but uproots