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8 basic rules to improve your business strategy

by Vincent Molly on Dec 18, 2017 in: Family Business

As a professor in Entrepreneurship & Family Business, I would like to share insights with entrepreneurs in SMEs and family businesses. If you are a SME-manager striving for a business that creates...

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Daoust on the trump card of the family business as an employer

Giles Daoust is at the head of the well-known family business Daoust, that won last year’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year/L’Entreprise de l’Année 2016’ award. The company received the award for its...

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The role of non-family members in the family business

by Vincent Molly on Nov 23, 2017 in: Family Business

It is generally acknowledged that family businesses are extensively represented in our economy. In Belgium, almost 8 out of 10 businesses that employ staff are family businesses. Therefore, they...

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The career choices of young potentials

by Vincent Molly on Nov 21, 2017 in: Family Business

In the current war for talent, young potentials make an interesting target group for many enterprises. In this case, we are talking about recent graduates who gained the necessary basic knowledge...

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Drivers of success for SME internationalization

by Vincent Molly on Nov 3, 2017 in: Family Business

As a professor in Entrepreneurship & Family Business, I would like to share with you some insights on the internationalization of SMEs and family businesses. I will give you some ideas on how you...

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Price expectations when selling the family business

by Vincent Molly on Oct 17, 2017 in: Family Business

When selling the family business, price expectations are a delicate but crucial part of the process of business transfer, and are speculated on with a lot of discretion. From within our Knowledge...

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15 success factors for merger and acquisition processes

by Eddy Laveren and Lennert Verstreken on Sep 26, 2017 in: Family Business , Financial Management & Accounting

There are reports every day in the financial press on mergers and acquisitions in SMEs and major corporations. After all, acquisitions are a way of boosting and solidifying your company’s...

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