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The future of retail is hybrid

by Antwerp Management School and Duval Union Consulting on May 7, 2018 in: General management , Business Design & Innovation

Are traditional retailers a dying breed? That is at least what some of them are starting to fear in sometimes desperate attempts to reinvent their businesses. So what is the answer to the...

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Why you get more out of a smaller management school

The head start a ‘boutique business school’ gives you

In addition to his daily management responsibilities for AMS, dean Paul Matthyssens travels around the world teaching, advising on projects...

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8 books for beneath the Christmas tree

In this blog post our thought leaders’ favorite books are featured. They all have written about a book they think other people should read. The works mentioned are divergent: from works of poetry...

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Alumni stories, PART FIVE: Hone your financial-economic management skills

The economic goings-on of the business world can be a tricky subject, especially for those who are not at home in the financial world. For these people, Antwerp Management School offers the BENE...

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Alumni stories, PART EIGHT: research equals project management

by Roeland Buckinx on Sep 30, 2016 in: Alumni , General management

If you know that some 80% of projects have a different outcome than planned, it’s easy to see the importance of solid and effective project management. After all, organisations have to be more...

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The world’s most powerful women have an MBA

Business magazine Forbes is a master – or should we say: mistress – at compiling lists of the world’s most successful business women: the world’s most powerful women, the world’s top 100 business...

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What is organizational performance management

by Geert Scheipers on Feb 11, 2016 in: General management

It is not a simple task to give direction and reach strategic decisions that are carried through by all parties involved. This is especially the case in large organizations as well as smaller...

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