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Jobs of the future: death knell or opportunity?

The concept of the “Future of Work” is gaining traction, not just in academic discussions and institutions, but in enterprises and labor negotiations as well. It’s a thought that can create panic...

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What really makes a dream job?

Recently, 80,000 Hours reviewed 60 studies about job satisfaction. They discovered that there are three components that contribute less to satisfaction with a job than previously thought. We have...

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Future of Work: a unique experience!

As a junior researcher with the Next Generation Work expertise center, I was able to take part in the first Future of Work program. During this six-day program, HR professionals and people...

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Why you can assert ownership of your career but not of your job

People no longer view careers the way they used to. In Voka Tribune, Prof. Dr. Ans De Vos looks back on the development of the vision on careers in the past 6 years. The focus of career policy...

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Innovative Labor Organization: the effects of organizing differently

The Innovative Labor Organization Master Class gives employers the opportunity to help keep their organization competitive, while remaining attractive to customers. Moreover, through their...

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Future Proof Workplace: the importance of a future vision of labor

We are now seeing longer working hours, automation, digitization, computerization, changing employee demands and standards. Our current context is constantly shifting and mapping future...

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Can HR learn something from Supply Chain?

by Ans De Vos and Jan Laurijssen on Jun 7, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

According to Professors Peter Cappelli (Wharton) and John Boudreau (USC), yes, they can! The authors give several reasons for this. Cappelli says talent management and supply chain management are...

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