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The 'purple' integration in HRM

by Antwerp Management School and Lou Van Beirendonck on Mar 28, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

Human Resource Management is often perceived as the company’s ‘soft side’. When HRM take employees’ talents and wishes into account, this adds value to a company; however, it can be a mistake to...

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In the classroom of HRM

Professional Human Resources Management is indispensable in a professional organization. Ilse (35), Joris (35), and Veronique (45) are currently following our Master Class HRM to learn about...

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Next Level Human Resources Management

Antwerp Management School’s scientific ID@Work project has developed a free test that employers can use to determine whether their company is ready to employ people with an intellectual...

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The Future of Work: Destination Unknown?

Work is gradually starting to occupy a different place in our lives. As part of this change, more people are taking the decision to work a 4-day week. Prof. Dr. Bart Cambré (Next Generation Work...

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Greater autonomy at work reduces stress and increases a sense of meaningful employment

“One in three employees experiences stress at work1”, the newspaper headlines recently announced. Greater autonomy at work is mainly being touted as the solution. This is a great idea, as far as...

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“Change Management is like rebuilding an airplane mid-air”

Change management is hot. As long as there have been organizations, managers have had to deal with change trajectories. Even though there is a lot of scientific research and management literature...

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Coaching: more than a fashion trend

Strategy implementation consists of a great many individual efforts – an endless list of tasks that different people carry out at different times. Coaching supports this process. It creates the...

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