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Can HR learn something from Supply Chain?

by Ans De Vos and Jan Laurijssen on Jun 7, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

According to Professors Peter Cappelli (Wharton) and John Boudreau (USC), yes, they can! The authors give several reasons for this. Cappelli says talent management and supply chain management are...

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Rules for Focused Success…

… in a Distracted World. That’s the subtitle of “Deep Work”, a book by Cal Newport. Having read a review of this book in De Morgen in September 2016(!), I immediately ordered a copy. So, it’s now...
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Too few Belgian companies see the benefits of employees with a mental disability

by Bart Cambré and Anouk Van Hoofstadt & Benjamin Huybrechts on May 29, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

For a year and a half, under the collective name of ID@Work (Intellectual Disability at Work), we at Antwerp Management School and HEC Liège conducted research into the inclusion of employees...

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People managers face new challenges

by Ans De Vos and Peggy De Prins on May 8, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

The labor market is constantly changing. We hear only too often about the ageing population, digitalization and computerization. However, the popularity of these buzzwords highlights the fact that...

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The 'purple' integration in HRM

by Antwerp Management School and Lou Van Beirendonck on Mar 28, 2017 in: HR & Organizational Development

Human Resource Management is often perceived as the company’s ‘soft side’. When HRM take employees’ talents and wishes into account, this adds value to a company; however, it can be a mistake to...

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In the classroom of HRM

Professional Human Resources Management is indispensable in a professional organization. Ilse (35), Joris (35), and Veronique (45) are currently following our Master Class HRM to learn about...

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Next Level Human Resources Management

Antwerp Management School’s scientific ID@Work project has developed a free test that employers can use to determine whether their company is ready to employ people with an intellectual...

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