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Lobbying and Foreign Interest in Chinese Politics

by Steffi Weil on Mar 1, 2017 in: International Business

China and the East-Asian market have been widely discussed in the business world for a long while. The increasing importance of the New Silk Route project gives further momentum to the debate. But...

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Expats put Belgium 4th in the ranking for education quality

As the home base for NATO and the European Union, Belgium is a host country for diplomats, politicians and civil servants from all corners of the world. Even though our country is a melting pot of...

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Executive Fashion Program for Chinese Entrepreneurs

Monday morning, early in Paris – Rue Cambon, boutique hotel Castille, center of the fashion district in Paris: here we end our ‘Antwerp-Paris’ learning journey for Chinese fashion entrepreneurs...

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The New Silk Road: Chinese-European chances

In China, they have been planning for several years to develop a New Silk Road to Europe. Such trade route could mean that there will be a more intensive contact between Europe and China, which...

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