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Everyone is ready for the mobility budget

by Antwerp Management School on Feb 20, 2017 in: Smart Mobility

For years, Belgium has held the record of the number of traffic jams. A record that we keep breaking and which begins leaving us with an unbearable hangover. Especially for our companies, mobility...

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Why you get more out of a smaller management school

The head start a ‘boutique business school’ gives you

In addition to his daily management responsibilities for AMS, dean Paul Matthyssens travels around the world teaching, advising on projects...

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What is spiritual leadership?

by Antwerp Management School on Feb 14, 2017 in: Leadership

The healthcare and welfare sector is undergoing structural changes due to budgets, changes in demand, etc. To meet the challenges that come with these changes, there is a need for leadership. Not...

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The Future of Work: Destination Unknown?

Work is gradually starting to occupy a different place in our lives. As part of this change, more people are taking the decision to work a 4-day week. Prof. Dr. Bart Cambré (Next Generation Work...

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Alumni stories, PART ELEVEN: Business meets IT

Raphael Wouters is cofounder of hublio, a smart digital platform that connects clients with brokers, advisors and insurer, and he also happens to be an AMS-alumnus! He took the Master Enterprise...

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Is there a Real Estate Market for it?

by Antwerp Management School on Jan 26, 2017 in: Real Estate

Real Estate Valuation (Taxatieleer) is taught by Program Manager Bert De Vos (i.a.). He begins his first class by making attendees distinctly uncomfortable. He shows them location photographs and...

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Toolkit: Building Digital Leadership Capabilities for the Board

We live in an era where IT is a crucial contributing factor to the competitiveness of many organizations. Yet empirical evidence seems to indicate that boards of directors are not as involved in...

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